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- Extremely user friendly for participants and client.

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INSIGHTMirror 360 makes you a commitment that our Assessments are an unqualified success in assisting your leaders work at their full leadership ability. This is why we are the only 360 in the world that offers a no-nonsense Money-Back-Guarantee.

Our Mission is to help leaders focus on their strengths/talents for exceptional performance, while giving leaders proven strategies to improve upon their most relevant weaknesses.

According to the prestigious groundbreaking Gallup Study, only 17% of people spend most of their day working with their strengths. Yet all the recent leadership studies on employee strengths/talents demonstrate that true opportunities for world-class performance lay in people's strengths/talents.

Of course you have to deal with weaknesses! If you don't manage the weeds, you will soon be left with a once beautiful garden now left in decline. We believe in today's highly completive world, being just good at your job is no longer good enough.

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  • "The INSIGHTMirror low price of $85 is quite reasonable given it is one of the world's most feature-rich 360s. This price includes unlimited assessments for raters and an outstanding written comment section."
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